Ryan Denee

A research assistant with Prof. Waters in Fuchsia City.


CLASS: Researcher


AGE: 18

BIRTHDAY: December 17th

HEIGHT: 6’ 01”

WEIGHT: 165 lbs.

HAIR: Light Brown

EYES: Blue

HOMETOWN: Fuchsia City



1. Staryu (lv. 12)

2. Oddish (lv. 10)

3. Horsea (lv. 9)


1. Staryu (lv. 9)

Ryan Denee is the research assistant for Prof. Waters in Fuchsia City. As the professor’s most trusted assistant, Ryan was sent to Cape Sapphire to collect several Water Stones for his research. While he was there, Ryan met up with Mige and co, and decided to travel along with them on their way to Lavender Town.

On the road north, he caught an Oddish on the road, along with another Staryu and a Horsea. Ryan is a good natured young man, but not the most proficient battler.

On the way, they foiled a Rocket plot—Mige and Tim battled while Ryan drove a truck full of stolen goods into a tree, where the cops found it full of evidence.

Along the journey, Ryan developed a crush on Zoey, though he never acted on these feelings, due to her obvious attraction to Tim, who Ryan respected.

Once they reached Lavender Town, Ryan said his good-byes and left the group, seemingly for good, although nobody knows how long he’ll really be out of the picture.

Ryan Denee

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