Armand Palm

A foreign researcher, out to learn all he can and make a name for himself as a Pokemon Professor.


CLASS: Rsearcher


AGE: 20

BIRTHDAY: June 11th

HEIGHT: 5’ 08”

WEIGHT: 172 lbs.

HAIR: Brown

EYES: Brown

HOMETOWN: Mauville City



1. Torchic* (F) (lv. 13)

2. Sandshrew (M) (lv. 18)


1. Sandshrew x6

2. Seel (lv. 12)

Given Away

1. Sandshrew (M) (lv. 11)—to Tim

Armand Palm is a Hoenn native, with a passion for academics and science. With the hopes of becoming a famous Pokemon Professor, Armand applied to the Pokemon Starter Program of none other than world-famous Professor Samuel Oak. He was accepted.

When Armand arrived, he discovered that somebody who was NOT accepted into the program took the last of the Starter Pokemon! Armand was disappointed, though not devastated. However, Oak did offer him a rare, exotic Pokemon from his native Hoenn region-a shiny Torchic. Armand accepted with hopes of studying it extensively.

Armand and Torchic became fast friends, and the tiny bird Pokemon became something of his own research assistant. Armand began traveling across Kanto, documenting the various types of Pokemon native to the region. He also caught an extensive collection of Sandshrew; eight in all.

Armand’s travels took him to the bustling metropolis of Saffron City, where he met Tim and Zoey, who were spending time together apart from Mige and Jenn. Tim and Armand hit it off quickly, and Armand took the couple to a place that sevred great falafel. Tim and Armand became fast best friends.

Armand went with Tim and Zoey to the unused penthouse of Zoey’s father-who was revealed to be none other than the world-famous Montgomery Silph-founder and President of Silph Co! Armand stayed comfortably in the penthouse, but noticed that things between Tim and Zoey were getting rough. Armand and Tim quickly began forming a plan to smooth things over with Zoey by buying her gifts. Tim wrote out a list, and Armand immediately found the best places in town to purchase them.

With the help of Zoey’s Haunter, Armand and Tim pulled off a scheme that brought them all around Saffron, buying chocolates, flowers and jewelry. Along the way, they met Old Albert, a chocolate seller in the big mall, who gave them a lot of trail mix for free.

Armand watched with great happiness as Zoey and Tim made up-and made their relationship official. Their joy was short-lived, however, when Mr. Silph showed up to the Penthouse and ordered Zoey to stay in Saffron City. Tim stepped up, however, challenging Zoey’s younger brother Wilt to a competition-whoever made it farther in the P1 Grand Prix Fighting Tournament got to keep Zoey. Armand helped Tim train for this, and in the process, entered the competition himself. Just before the tournament began, Zoey game Tim and Armand a present each: a TM. Armand’s was the TM for Earthquake. Also, the previous year’s winner, a Primeape under the temporary care of Anthony, the dojo’s owner, and taught Sandshrew and Tim’s Mankey the move Focus Punch. The Grand Prix was a vicious series of battles-and Armand’s Sandshrew mopped the floor with the competition. However, in the Semi-finals, Armand was soundly defeated by a powerful, brutal Mankey. Armand took the loss in stride, though, and he continued to root his friend Tim on, all the way to Tim’s victory as he placed 1st in the P1 Grand Prix.

Armand treated Tim and Zoey to a celebration dinner afterward. Armand later spent Christmas with Zoey and Tim. After the holiday, Armand decided to continue on his original road, while Tim went on vacation to Sinnoh. Tim left his Farfetch’d in Armand’s care, as Farfetch’d and Torchic were in love. Armand bid his farewell and headed off on the road to knowledge and adventure.

Armand Palm

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