Ryan the Bugcatcher


CLASS: Trainer


AGE: 15


HEIGHT: 5’ 05”

WEIGHT: 140 lbs.

HAIR: Light Brown

EYES: Blue

HOMETOWN: Raiko Village



1. Butterfree (M) (lv. 20)

2. Beedrill (M) (lv. 15)

3. Pinsir (M) (lv. 17)

4. Spinarak (F) (lv. 12)


1. Caterpie (lv. 5)

2. Caterpie (lv. 3)

3. Weedle (lv. 4)

4. Caterpie (lv. 2)

5. Butterfree (lv. 11)


Ryan is not native to Kanto, though it has never been disclosed as to where he was born, though we do know he has an older brother named Reggie, who also trains bug-types.

Ryan was a member of the Bug Catchers Club, a group of young boys who love bug-type Pokemon that hang around the edge of the Viridian Forest. Ryan was the best bug catcher there, and was respected by the other catchers.

One afternoon, young Ryan was watching a documentary on Bug Pokemon playing on the Discovery Channel at the Viridian Forest Pokemon Center when he met Mige and his companion Ace, who were readying to make their way through the forest that day. Ryan challenged Mige to a battle, eager to unleash the power of his new Butterfree. Mige accepted and easily defeated each of Ryan’s bug Pokemon (3 Caterpies, 1 Weedle, 1 Kakuna and a Butterfree) with only his Pidgeotto. Dismayed, Ryan declared that Mige was his role model, and the battle inspired Ryan to head out into the world and capture many different types of Bug Pokemon—his goal is to catch at least one of every bug-type in the world.

Mige met Ryan again in Pewter City; knowing the forest so well, Ryan got to Pewter City a full three days before Mige and Ace. Ryan was trying to get his Boulder Badge, but had been defeated by the Gym Leader Brock twice. Mige took the stage and defeated Brock easily, and Ryan cheered him on. As Mige readied to leave town, Ryan decided to go train for the gym battle some more. It is presumed he won.

Ryan was next seen in Vermillion City. Mige, along with new companion and photographer Djorn Tony, was attending the Open House for the Pokemon Lover’s Fan club. There, they met Ryan who they discovered was a spokesperson for the Bug Fan Club (as each type has its own fan club). Mige quickly made an excuse and avoided Ryan altogether.

Mige briefly ran into Ryan shortly after aboard the S.S. Anne, on the Convention Floor, where Ryan was manning the Bug Type Fan Club’s booth. Ryan wanted to hang out with Mige, who gave Ryan a fake room number that happened to be Djorn’s room. Ryan visitied during his break, where an annoyed Djorn punched him in the eye.

Ryan remained out of the picture from that point until the group arrived in Silver City, where Mige’s new friend Trevor Pearl entered a Pokemon Contest, and Ryan entered, too, placing fifth.

Ryan is an eager, enthusiastic young man who wants to badly to be accepted by others, he often overcompensates by coming on far too strong and rambling on excessively about Bug Pokemon. Despite this off-putting behavior, Ryan is a good natured, well meaning young man.

Ryan the Bugcatcher

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