Lara Pierce


CLASS: Breeder

GENDER: Female

AGE: 16

BIRTHDAY: September 10th

HEIGHT: 5’ 05”

WEIGHT: 120 lbs.

HAIR: Black

EYES: Blue

HOMETOWN: Celadon City



1. Albino Eevee (F) (lv. 24)

2. Wigglytuff (F) (lv. 21)

3. Teddiursa (M) (lv. 20)

4. Psyduck (M) (lv. 20)

5. Ponyta (F) (lv. 19)

6. Lombre* (M) (lv. 18)


Lara Pierce is the cousin of Will Tajiri. She is a strikingly beautiful girl, with a soft demeanor and kind attitude. She is generous and willing to help anybody whenever the need arises.

Lara first met Mige on the deck of the S.S. Anne, in the pool area. Mige was struck in awe when he saw her, and could hardly remember how to ask for her number. Luckily, Will was able to invite Lara to Mige’s party for him. The two of them mingled and had quite a good time.

After the cruise, the two parted ways, although Lara promised Mige they’d meet again, hinting fairly strongly that she had feelings for him.

The two did meet again, some months later in Celadon City, where she and Will were attending the Eevee Brother’s convention in Celadon Mansion. She entered the Eevee battle and won the competition, narrowly beating out Sammy for 1st place.

Lara is a sweet girl, and it has been hinted that she has feelings for Mige. This is displayed through her dislike for Jenn, and her flirtatious nature around him.

Lara is portrayed as a likable girl with strong convictions and a natural talent for Pokemon training.

Lara Pierce

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