CLASS: Scoundrel

GENDER: Female

AGE: 23

BIRTHDAY: February 14th

HEIGHT: 5’ 06”

WEIGHT: 120 lbs.

HAIR: Blonde

EYES: Green




1. Butterfree (F) (lv. 20)


Nobody is certain who Rachelle was before she joined with Team Rocket. However, what is known, is that Rachelle, while still a relatively new member of the criminal organization, Rachelle is a rising star well on her way to Agent status.

Rachelle first met Mige and co. while they were lost in the Viridian Forest. She posed as a lost hiker, and through her flirtatiousness, was invited to join the group. Rachelle spent the day with them, befriending Ace, who developed a crush on her. Ace even caught her a Pikachu. However, when they arrived at the Viridian River, within the Viridian Forest, Rachelle showed her true colors and tried to rob them, having her Butterfree use Stun Spore to paralyze the two trainers. However, Eevee and Ace’s new Pikachu-both out of their Poke Balls and sniffing around nearby-leapt from the brush and defeated the powerful bug Pokemon. Rachelle retreated, jumping into the river. The duo recovered from their paralysis. Ace was hurt by this incident, though he tried not to let on that it did. Later, however, Rachelle showed she was still at least a little human: when Ace awoke the next morning, he found a Rose with a card attached to it with only a Red letter “R” scrawled across it.

Rachelle kept a low profile for a few months, when she assaulted a small town called Arlen. Here, she attacked the townsfolk, threatening to release a toxic Poison Powder into the air unless they hand over their Pokemon and valuables to her. Ace appeared out of nowhere, however, alone and battled her with his Squirtle, Tommy, and a wild Smeargle he befriended. Rachelle was defeated soundly and she disappeared in a puff of smoke. Again, when Ace awoke the next morning, he found a rose, just like the time before.

Nobody knows where Rachelle is now, but one can be sure that wherever she shows up next, Ace will be there to try to stop her.


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