Rodney "Rodd" Bernard


CLASS: Breeder


AGE: 15

BIRTHDAY: August 28th

HEIGHT: 5’ 011”

WEIGHT: 168 lbs.

HAIR: Dark Brown

EYES: Brown

HOMETOWN: Viridian City



1. Growlithe (M) (lv. 17)

2. Spearow (M) (lv. 14)

3. Beedrill (M) (lv. 12)

4. Machop (M) (lv. 16)

5. Shellder (M) (lv. 16)

6. Voltorb (lv. 15)


Rodney Bernard, referred to most commonly as “Rodd”, is a Breeder from Viridian City and son of famous Breeder Andrew Bernard. Rodd is an incompetent breeder and ill-suited to the responsibilities of a Breeder.

Rodd first met Mige at the Breeder’s Store in Viridian City. Rodd mocked Mige incessantly, only to be out-witted by him moments later.

Rodd continued to be a thorn in Mige’s side for several weeks after, but he soon fell out of the Breeder race, ceding top Breeder marks to Mige.

Rodd was a rich, arrogant young man whose own bravado eventually got the better of him, driving his Pokemon career into the ground.

Rodney "Rodd" Bernard

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