Ryu the Swimmer


CLASS: Trainer


AGE: 36

BIRTHDAY: August 17th

HEIGHT: 5’ 07”

WEIGHT: 170 lbs.

HAIR: Black

EYES: Blue

HOMETOWN: Fuchsia City



1. Goldeen (lv. 50)




Ryu is an enigmatic, possibly mentally unstable swimmer hailing from Fuchsia City.

Ryu first encountered Mige and company aboard the S.S. Anne, at the pool, where he and his Goldeen were playing Tim’s Poliwag and Mige’s Bulbasaur. As the cruise was coming to its end, Mige invited Ryu to his cabin for a party. Ryu enthusiastically accepted. That night, Ryu arrived and brought a movie (The Sixth Sense). However, when he rose to get a drink, Tim’s Venonat took his spot. Ryu tried to force Venonat to move, but the bug Pokemon used its Hypnosis attack, putting Ryu right to sleep. Ryu spent the rest of the night passed out on Mige’s floor.

As the cruise ended, Ryu gave Mige his number, and over the next month, called Mige at random intervals about his swimming progress. The two met again, however, on the road to Cape Saphire, where Ryu joined their journey for a time. He was present when a group of wayward Rockets were trying to capture a Mother Onix and her baby. Ryu attempted to capture the Onix as well, at one point, but Mige convinced him not to. Djorn chided him for wanting to capture a non-water type, to which Ryu replied, “Onix Rock type, good against electric! I use water, foe use electric, BOOM! He never see it coming!”

At Cape Saphire, Ryu offered to take Mige to the Olive Garden, to which Mige politely refused. Ryu then tried to convince Mige to swim eight miles to a Haunted Island with him. Mige declined forcefully. Ryu decided to take a swim, and it would be some time before the group saw him again.

Ryu later surfaced in Saffron City, where he met and instantly liked Mige’s friend, the coordinator Trevor Pearl. He took Trevor to lunch at the Olive Garden, where Trevor had a miserable time and snuck away.

Ryu is a strange man with a passion for swimming and his Goldeen. He is loud and speaks with a common asian accent, and is chided amongst Mige’s group for being so strange, loud, and sometimes mean. Ryu, however, is a good person who really likes Mige…for whatever reason….

Ryu the Swimmer

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