Will Tajiri


CLASS: Trainer


AGE: 16

BIRTHDAY: July 1st

HEIGHT: 5’ 09”

WEIGHT: 182 lbs.

HAIR: Black

EYES: Blue

HOMETOWN: Celadon city



1. Flareon (F) (lv. 20)

2. Aipom* (F) (lv. 17)

3. Weepinbell (M) (lv. 15)

4. Diglett (M) (lv. 16)

5. Pidgey (M) (lv. 13)


Will Tajiri is a young asian trainer who is hoping to one day compete in the Indigo League.

,p>Will is the son of a wealthy computer software designer. On his 15th birthday, Will was given an Eevee and a ticket for the S.S. Anne as a birthday present.

Will first met Mige and co. aboard the S.S. Anne, where he and two other trainers were looking for battles below deck. Mige obliged Will, and the two had a fierce battle, though Mige eventually emerged the victor. The two exchanged numbers and parted ways.

When they docked on Kumquat Island, Mige and Tim decided they wanted to explore the jungle and the girls didn’t want to. So, Mige called Will, who was more than willing to join them. The three of them hiked through the jungle, encountering new, strangely-colored Pokemon and Will was excited when he found a grey Aipom, which he caught. During their trek, will found several items on the grounds, because of his “tiny Asian hands”, so Tim claimed. Will later helped the group fight off a Snorlax, and also helped carry the wounded Daniel Trek-a rich man-to medical care. After their two day romp in the jungle, Will was exhausted and went to his room in the hotel. Will continued hanging out with Mige and the gang during the duration of their stay on Kumquat island, and even participated in a Doubles Pokemon battle with Mige and Tim.

When the S.S. Anne departed, Will invited the group to join him at the Pool on deck, where he introduced Mige to his cousin Lara. The group hit it off, and Will was invited to Mige’s room for a party the last night on board.

Will brought Cheetos to the party and at one point fell asleep on Djorn’s shoulder.

After the cruise, Will and Mige parted ways; Will decided to head North to Cerulean City to earn his second badge and then back to his hometown of Celadon City to earn his Rainbow Badge, while Mige headed east to Cape Saphire. The two promised to see one another again.

Two months later, Mige and Will met up in Cerulean, where he hung out with Mige during the duration of his two-week stay. Will attended the Eevee meeting at Celadon Mansion, where he evolved his Eevee into a Flareon. He entered the Eevee contest, where lost against Jenn and her Vaporeon.

When Mige left Celadon City to return to Saffron, Will parted ways once again as he made his way south to Silver City. The two hope to meet in Fuchsia City.

Will has a big crush on Jennifer, and often becomes very quiet around her. He has wanted to ask her out several times, but cannot bring up the courage to.

Will is a bright, talented young trainer who is well on his way to becoming somebody great. He is one of the few characters that Mige not only likes, but gets along well with.

Will Tajiri

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