Steve the Hiker


CLASS: Civilian


AGE: 40

BIRTHDAY: April 7th

HEIGHT: 6’ 04”

WEIGHT: 240 lbs.

HAIR: Black

EYES: Brown

HOMETOWN: Pewter City



1. Geodude (M) (lv. 18)

2. Zubat (M) (lv. 13)


Steve the Hiker is a heavyset, jolly hiker from Pewter City. After hiking across Kanto, Steve decided to share this experience with the next generation, when he decided to lead a group of young Campers and Picnickers on the same trail.

Steve first encountered Mige and Ace in the Viridian Forest. The duo was lost, and in their stupor, they ran into Steve and his crew. After a brief battle, Steve invited Mige and Ace to travel with them to Pewter City, as that is where the Hiker was going in the first place. Mige accepted, and for the next four days, traveled north with the old man.

In Pewter, Steve and his crew were staying a hotel and threw a rave and invited Mige and his friends along. The night was jumping, though Mige left after an hour.

They next met Steve in Cerulean City, when Steve entered the Dance Competition, where he ranked 8th place.

Steve was encountered only once more, in Cape Saphire, where the Hikers were attending the End of Summer Festival. Steve invited Mige to a party, but he declined.

Also, Steve sent Christmas gifts to Mige, Tim and Ace in the form of “The Best of the Rolling Stones” CD.

Steve is a loud, obnoxious man, who tends to follow up many of the things he says with a voracious “Not in a kinky way, though!”, a habit that grinds Mige’s gears.

Steve the Hiker

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