Djorn Tony

A strange, yet talented, photographer.


CLASS: Watcher


AGE: 21

BIRTHDAY: September 9th

HEIGHT: 6’ 01”

WEIGHT: 190 lbs.

HAIR: Black

EYES: Brown

HOMETOWN: Vermillion City



1. Electabuzz (M) (lv. 12)

2. Psyduck (M) (lv. 10)

3. Psyduck (F) (lv. 7)

4. “Tina” the Meowth (F) (lv. 8)

5. Torkoal (M) (lv. 5)


1. Psyduck (lv. 9)

2. Psyduck (lv. 8)

3. Weedle (lv. 4)

4. Caterpie (lv. 2)

5. Butterfree (lv. 11)


Djorn Tony is the son of the great Indigo League vet Frank Tony, and grandson of Willard Tony, the famous Breeder. Djorn’s family lives on a farm a day outside of Vermillion City, and Djorn grew up with no aspirations of Pokemon training. However, after his grandfather’s death, Djorn was left with a Pokemon egg. So, he traveled to the Vermillion Breeder’s Warehouse, where he met Mige, who was travelling solo after Ace’s departure. Djorn watched Mige battle, and decided to follow him and document his journey with his photography; Mige discovered that Djorn was a talented Photographer and pencil artist.

Djorn accepted a ticket to the S.S. Anne from Mige, and the two traveled a day north of Vermillion City to a small lake. On the way back, a thunderstorm hit and a lightning strike attracted an Electabuzz. Mige battled the lightning Pokemon for Djorn, and Djorn tossed a Great Ball, capturing it. Djorn and Electabuzz did not get along at first, but Electabuzz eventually learned to love his owner.

Djorn watched Mige and Tim battle Lt. Surge, and bought them both lunch after their loss.

Aboard the S.S. Anne, Djorn got his own room, in which he spent the majority of the cruise, although he did attend one limbo contest, in which he placed 10th out 12. During the first days of the cruise, Mige purposely gave Ryan the Bugcatcher the wrong room number to avoid hanging out with him. What he didn’t know was that the room number he gave was Djorn’s. Djorn was infuriated at Ryan’s behavior and punched him in the eye. Djorn immediately after got the honor of being the second main character to receive a restraining order from Ryan.

Djorn spent the days docked on Kumquat Island in relative obscurity, and nobody could find nor get a hold of him. He did come back with beautiful pictures.

Djorn spent the trip back the same way he spent the way there: by himself in his room. He did, however, join Mige at his party the last night on the ship. Djorn smiled and was quiet the whole night, and eventually fell asleep on the couch.

After the cruise, Djorn accompanied Mige and Tim further, toward Cape Sapphire.

On the road to the Cape, they passed by the Tony Farm. They stayed at the farm for two days, where Frank Tony put them to work. Before they left, Djorn set up his PC storage system at his parents’ farm.

Djorn also joined the fight against the Rockets as they tried to capture an injured Onix and her baby. Djorn set up a strategy of Disabling Rocket’s moves as soon as they used them with Psyduck and Thundershocking them with Electabuzz. He took pictures of Ryu with the Onix afterward.

When they arrived at Cape Sapphire, Djorn went off into the crowd during the End of Summer festival. The group did not encounter Djorn at all during their stay in Cape Sapphire. Where he was or what he did during this time is unknown.

During their trip north to Lavender Town, they encountered Djorn on the road, taking pictures of Tauros herds, and he accidentally caused a stampede. Nobody was seriously injured and Tim captured a Tauros. He went along with them for another two days, and during this time, his egg finally hatched into a baby Torkoal. After this, he decided to walk west.

The next time the group encountered Djorn was in Saffrom City. He has arrived to take pictures of Sabrina’s gym, but he was denied entry. He walked with Mige, Jenn and the Coordinator Trevor Pearl to Silver City, where he entered the Pokemon Contest with Psyduck, along with Trevor and Ryan the Bugcatcher, where he surprisingly placed in the semi-finals. After this defeat, Djorn decided to head south to Fuchsia City, to take pictures at the World-Famous Safari Zone. He said a farewell to Mige and they parted ways, although only time can tell when they will cross paths again.

Djorn Tony

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