Trevor Pearl

A coordinator from Johto.


CLASS: Coordinator


AGE: 16

BIRTHDAY: February 15th

HEIGHT: 6’ 00”

WEIGHT: 200 lbs.

HAIR: Blonde

EYES: Brown

HOMETOWN: Cherrygrove City



1. Totodile (M) (lv. 16)

2. Persian* (F) (lv. 21)

3. Dratini (M) (lv. 14)

4. Hoothoot (M) (lv. 10)

5. Sudowoodo (M) (Lv. 17)


1. Spinarak


Trevor was born in Violet City, but moved to nearby Cherrygrove when he was a young boy. Here, he would watch Pokemon Contests at the local Contest Hall, and he became transfixed on them, often scribbling routines in a notebook.

On his 15th birthday, his father-who was good friends with Pokemon Professor Elm-got Trevor a newly hatched, baby Totodile. Trevor was ecstatic and he immediately captured two Pokemon: Spinarak and Hoothoot. Soon after, he entered the local Pokemon Contest in his hometown of Cherrygrove. He was swiftly eliminated. After this humiliating defeat, Trevor headed west to Kanto—-vowing that the next time he set foot in a Johto Contest Hall, he would be the Champion of Kanto’s Grand Festival. So, he traveled to New Bark Town and boarded a ship bound for Kanto.

His first stop took him to Vermillion City, where he discovered there was no Contest Hall. So, he bought a bus ticket north that took him to Saffron City. Once there, he decided to take an Elevated Train across town to enter the local Contest. On the train, he met Mige and Jenn, and decided to stick with them for awhile, and he ate Chinese food with them.

Trevor told Mige about his goal of becoming a great Coordinator, and Mige told him that he knew another Coordinator from Johto; a young girl named Ami Lynn. Trevor knew her, and left it at that.

Trevor palled around with Mige and Jenn for some time. The duo watched Trevor’s first contest in Kanto—and they watched him actually narrowly win it. Trevor received his ribbon and the group then headed west to Celadon City. There, Trevor was present to witness Mige’s defeat at the hands of the Celadon Gym trainers. Trevor and Mige trained hard together, and Trevor taught Mige some Coordinating moves that would help his evasiveness in battle. Upon Mige’s rematch, the Breeder implemented the Coordinator moves, which helped Mige win his Rainbow Badge. Here in Celadon City, he traded away his Spinarak for a Dratini.

The trio then headed south to Silver City. On the road, the group encountered a beautiful, snow white Persian. Trevor was mesmerized by her movements, and perhaps foolishly leapt into battle. The battle was fierce and Trevor almost spent all of his Poke Balls, but he managed to capture her. She was an unruly Pokemon, however, though Trevor vowed to tame her. Shortly after this incident, Trevor and Mige found a wounded Sudowoodo. Trevor caught it to save it from a raging Tauros nearby. Trevor was tempted to release the Sudowoodo, but Mige convinced him to at least keep it long enough to heal it at a Pokemon Center. Over the next few days, the two became close.

On the road, they ran into Djorn Tony, who joined up with them. Trevor constantly teased Djorn, much to the Watcher’s dismay. The two battled, with Trevor winning soundly, thanks to his Sudowoodo and Dratini.

Once they arrived to Silver City, Trevor entered the local Contest, as well as Djorn, who was determined to prove he was just as good-if not better-than Trevor. Mige entered too, for fun.

The competition at the Contest Hall was fierce, and Mige was eliminated second round. Djorn even made it to the semi-finals. Eventually, Trevor made it the finals, but lost to a young man and his Koffing. Trevor was dismayed, though his spirits did lift when he watched Mige utterly destroy the local Gym Leader. Later, the group ran into Ryu the Swimmer, who declared he was a fan of Trevor’s and offered to treat him to dinner at Olive Garden. Trevor accepted, but soon regretted the decision when he realized what a weirdo Ryu was. So, Trevor pretended he had to go to the bathroom and snuck out.

After their adventures in Silver City, Mige declared he was going back to Saffron to meet Tim and Zoey, and Jenn was coming with him. Trevor wanted to continue his training, deciding to train and re-enter the Silver City contest in two weeks, then he would go south to Fuchsia City, to enter the Contest there. Mige told Trevor that he was impressed by his spirit, and that he was well on his way to becoming Champion of the Grand Festival. Trevor wished Mige and Jenn the best of luck, and the group parted ways.

Trevor Pearl

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